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Oreston, Devon, UK

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Oreston, Devon, UK, is situated in the suburbs of Plymouth and was first recorded as a hamlet in the parish of Plymstock. Burgeoning 20th Century housing development means that the present day population is in the order of 1000-2000. It's adjacent to the Cattewater (part of the Plym estuary system), with a waterfront area directly in front of the King's Arms and the village green.

Getting There

Oreston is served by the Western National numbers six and seven bus routes; but, unlike Putney, does not have a convenient rail or tube link. Public transport around Plymouth is limited to ludicrously expensive bus services, which seem to follow a schedule based around the concept of roulette.

The city centre of Plymouth is within a brisk half-hour walk, or eight minutes journey by car. If you're in a walking mood, you might also avail yourself of the fact that Oreston lies along the South West Coast Path. In addition to great sea views, this affords superb vantage points overlooking Plymouth and Dartmoor.

Points of Interest

The Oreston area was host to quarrying activity during the 19th and 20th Centuries and the resulting stone contributed to the breakwater in Plymouth Sound. Several reports have been made of finding bones in caves in the limestone during quarrying. These include human (carbon dated to be over 8600 years old) and rhinoceros bones. The quarries are no longer in production but are now in use as industrial premises. The village these days is primarily residential, and friendly people with nice dogs are common.


There are three churches, a school, a newsagent, a post office, a florist, a hairdresser, a shiny yellow garage (of the vehicle repair variety), the King's Arms pub, and a highly commendable pasty shop. The last two are the only real options for somewhere to eat in Oreston, unless you are willing to knock on someone's door at random and demand a meal.

Oreston is also a popular mooring location and sustains businesses that are connected with boat repair and marine engineering. On the transport theme, Oreston also boasts a privately owned helicopter, which rises mysteriously from the tree-tops from time to time.

Things which Oreston Does not Have

  • Celebrities
  • Ghosts or a high incidence of UFO sightings
  • Adequate parking

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