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Funnelling - a Great Game

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Three shots of three guys performing the dastardly funnelling trick.

The game of funnelling is a great trick game to play with your friends after (or while) having a couple of drinks (or more). It is very simple, guarantees a lot of laughter and some wet pants.


The best place to play the game of funnelling is a location where it's okay if fluids leak on the floor. So a living room with an expensive rug is not a suitable location. Outside the house is always good. However, make sure that there is enough light to see what you and your friends are doing. A bar can also be a suitable place, but make sure that not too many people can see what you're doing (or else you can only do it once or twice).

You don't need a lot of space to play the game. You will need room for all the players to stand and enough room to duck and pick something up from the ground in front of the participants. Make sure no one else can see what and how you are playing.


To play the game, you only need three or four things:

  • A funnel
  • A large coin
  • A glass, can, bottle of beer, or other non-toxic fluid for every player
  • Dry pants (not worn), if your opponent knows the game and you fall for it!

Some notes on the equipment:

  • The funnel - The best thing to use as a funnel is (how odd it may sound) not a funnel. Make your own instead. You can do this by bending a piece of cardboard or a piece of very strong paper in the shape of a funnel. Make sure the small hole at the end is about 2.5cm in diameter and the whole funnel has a height of about 30cm. The size of the big hole is not really important.

  • The coin - The best coin to use is (again, how odd it may sound) not a regular coin. Use is a token - the usual tokens for purchasing drinks at large parties will do fine. Make sure you have more than one on you, because there is a chance you will loose one or two during the game.



There are two objectives in the game; one for you and your friends (who already know the exact rules of the game) and one for the person who does not know the rules.

Your object is to trick your opponent into playing the game and to get his trousers wet.

Your opponent has to believe that his objective is to break the new funnelling record and in doing that he will gain a prize or just a drink or two.


To play the game you need at least two players, but the more players that know the exact rules, the more fun you will have playing the game. Make sure that one of the players does not know the rules of the game.


The rules are quite simple. Find an ignorant person who does not know the rules of the game. Ask him if he wants to play the game of funnelling with you and your friends. He will probably ask what is in it for him if he does. Convince him with a story that, if he wins, he will get a couple of free drinks.

Now you will have to explain him how the game works. But you don't tell him how the game really works! You tell him that all he has to do is put the funnel in his pants and the coin or token on his forehead. He will have to try to drop the coin from his forehead into the funnel, and then retrieve it. Tell him he has got to do this, for example, 12 times in one minute and then he will be the new funnelling champ.

To convince him even more, just do a few rounds yourself, so he can see how it works exactly. Give him 30 seconds to practice and then he will be ready for the real thing. Make sure he feels comfortable (don't laugh).

Let him place the coin on his forehead. This makes him look up to the sky and thus diverts his attention from the funnel sticking out of his pants. Show your watch and do a little counting down from ten to zero.

Make sure you and your friends are standing pretty close to the ignorant player and when reaching 'five' during countdown, empty all glasses or bottles of beer in the funnel, giving him soaked pants...

But watch out!

If the person you are trying to trick knows the real rules, you will be the one with the soaked pants when you are showing him how it works. In that case, your friends will have a lot of fun too!


Your new friend has just been funnelled! Make sure he starts laughing (just as you are) - if he does not, run! If he does laugh, however, give him a beer and let him choose the next unsuspecting victim.

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