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How to Enjoy a Mango

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The outside of a mango

'Mango' is the common name for a certain tree and its fruit. The fruit is very delicious. It is native to India but is now grown in tropical regions across the world. Its Latin name is Mangifera Indica and belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. Read on for eating instructions.

The Best Way to Eat a Mango

The best tasting mango is one that has a broad yellow base of colour dashingly splotched with blood red. Too much red means it is too sweet. Too much yellow means it is not sweet enough. Too much green means it is hard, bitter, and revolting. Only eat mangoes with a red and yellowish-orange skin. Mangoes are more or less perfect fruits.

The only problem with eating mangoes is their propensity to leave horrendous strands of sinew between one's teeth. There is a remedy for this; carefully slice the mango's skin, and then cut its flesh into bite-size pieces. The problem with this method, however, is that the mango's large seed makes cutting the flesh difficult, if not impossible, and the result is always aesthetically displeasing; the chunks of mango flesh always end up awkwardly shaped and the seed remains covered with irresistible-looking bits of un-severable flesh. Another, more sophisticated and intense method, is available:

  1. Firmly grasp a mango between your hands.

  2. Firmly squeeze and knead the mango, turning its scintillating flesh into scintillating juice. Take care not to inadvertently puncture, rupture, or tear the flesh.

  3. Bring the mango up to your mouth and firmly bite down, creating a small hole from which it is possible to suck the juice.

  4. Suck firmly and evenly and mouth-bursting joy will follow.

  5. When juice is depleted, peel the skin and scrape its soft underside for a pleasurable treat.

  6. When the pleasurable treat is depleted, firmly suck the seed like a lollipop.

The inside of a mango

Before fully mastering this technique, it is wise to practice outside so as not to inadvertently spill any juice on an expensive carpet. This method takes much care and practice, but it is certainly fruitful.

Yet another method, is the one called 'shell dicing' (derived from Hebrew). The contributing Researcher has described it as 'not too messy, and a lot of fun'.

  1. Choose a good looking mango (see above) of the proper size.

  2. Cut it from the top down, along its wide axis, and into three pieces, leaving you with the centre piece containing the seed and two 'shells'1.

  3. Leave the centre for later care on a plate or some other clean surface.

  4. Pick one of the shells and make horizontal and vertical cuts on the fruit side of it as deep as you can without harming the rind.

  5. Apply pressure on the back of the shell and by this 'flip' it.

  6. Suck the cubes of mango one by one or in pairs.

  7. Repeat steps four through six with the second shell.

  8. As for the centre piece, you can either do a smaller version of this with the sides of the seed and then just 'close shave' the seed off the fruit, or you can go for the messy one - some find this somewhat sexy - and just eat the fruit off the seed.

As in the former mango eating method, some practice in an outside environment would be appropriate. Wearing expensive designer clothes is not recommended either.

1This needs to be done as close to the seed as possible, but without really cutting into it, it is a pretty nasty seed. You'll get better at doing this with time and experience.

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