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The Camarilla is the official White Wolf fan club. The organisation was founded in Seattle, in 1992, shortly after White Wolf started releasing their Vampire: The Masquerade line of books and roleplaying games.

White Wolf is famous for the World of Darkness series. The World of Darkness series includes Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension, Changeling: The Dreaming, Wraith: The Oblivion, and some smaller games such as Hunter and Mummy.

The Camarilla focuses mainly on Live Action RolePlay, or LARP for short. Each of the games within the World of Darkness has a Mind's Eye Theatre (or MET) equivalent set of rules1 to play the game in a LARP setting.

Members create characters, often with costuming and make-up, and act out the stories of their characters at these LARP games. The games are overseen by storytellers (STs) who help narrate challenges, describe settings, and move along the storylines. The game itself is a large global chronicle. This is accomplished by means of a global rules supplement, to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and a hierachy of officers to oversee large plotlines, approvals, and consistency.

The structure of the Camarilla starts with chapters. A chapter is a group of members (who usually all live within a certain proximity of each other). They have a chapter storyteller (CST), to approve characters and oversee chapter games. They also have a chapter coordinator, who handles reports and real-life issues.

Sometimes chapters band together, and form a domain. A domain has a domain storyteller, and a domain coordinator, who oversee the chapter officers.

The United States and Canada are broken down into eight regions. Each region has a regional storyteller, and a regional coordinator. Then, there are national staffs. Australia, France, the UK, and the US all have National Staffs currently.

In addition to LARP games, the Camarilla publishes members' artwork, articles and fiction in a magazine entitled Requiem. The Camarilla also encourages its members to give back to the community through various charity organisations. Once a year, the Camarilla puts together the International Camarilla Conclave, the largest LARP convention in the world. ICC, as the convention is known, has been known to have over a thousand participants. It is held yearly, in October.

1Mind's Eye Theatre, by White Wolf, is basically a simplification of their Vampire: The Masquerade ruleset, intended for live action role-playing. It uses rock-paper-scissors instead of dice, for example.

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