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Organising a Congratulations Card from the UK Sovereign

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A couple married 60 years receive a card from HM The Queen.

Got a long-term celebration coming up? You may be entitled to a card from a very special person.

If you have been legally married for 60 years this is called your 'Diamond wedding anniversary'. This milestone unfortunately doesn't earn you a medal but does entitle you to a congratulations card from the UK sovereign. To receive a card, you should follow the steps outlined below:

  • You should write to the reigning monarch's secretary at Buckingham Palace, London and enclose a photocopy of your wedding certificate. If you have no certificate, one can be obtained from the Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths for a small fee.

  • You will receive a reply back from the secretary with all the details printed out and a request that you check them. If they are correct then nothing else need be done.

  • The card will be delivered by registered post on the special day.

Further cards will be sent for the 65th anniversary and the 70th anniversary, and every year thereafter. These have to be requested in the same way, they will not be sent automatically.

You can request a birthday card in the same way for someone approaching one hundred years of age. Another card is earned at the 105th birthday, the 110th birthday and annually thereafter.

The cards themselves are a portrait of the monarch and are designed to be framed. Inside is a personalised printed greeting then the card is signed by the monarch - 'Elizabeth R' at the time of writing.

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