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Jennifer Jane Brown was born on 28 December, 2001, to proud parents Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah. The birth was high profile and newsworthy because Gordon Brown is, at the time of writing, the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK.

The baby, the couple's first, was delivered by Caesarean section seven weeks early because of concerns of placental insufficiency. She weighed only 2lbs 4ozs at birth and was expected to be kept in hospital for some time, at least until she gained some weight.

The Chancellor, nicknamed 'Iron Gordon', displayed a new public persona upon the birth of his daughter. He said:

I've probably waited longer than most1 people to become a father, and it's a superb feeling. Every father says his baby daughter is the most beautiful in the world. But she is, and we are so delighted.

Sarah Brown left hospital with her husband one week after the birth, while Jennifer Jane remained in an incubator, essential for monitoring her progress. The following day, however, a routine scan gave cause for concern and the baby was transferred to Edinburgh's Royal Victoria Infirmary. So great was the concern, that the baby was christened by the Minister who had married the Browns just over two years previously.

The worried parents were given the bad news that Jennifer Jane had suffered a brain haemorrhage and they never left her side as her condition deteriorated. When all hope was lost, the baby was unhooked from the monitors and given to her parents where she passed away peacefully in their arms. She lived just ten days, a little flower only lent.

There is an old Chinese proverb 'To outlive one's children is a curse of the gods' and this is very true.

All babies are special and unique no matter who their parents are.

1The Chancellor was 50 years old.

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