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Duinrell, the Netherlands

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Duinrell is a holiday village and funpark situated just to the north of the Hague in the Netherlands. It combines a relaxed atmosphere with an exciting amusement park and water park, and so is appealing to both adults and children. Its location near the beach (Scheveningen), and the city of the Hague, adds to its versatility.

The Funpark

The funpark has a range of activities for younger children as well as teenagers. There are a few rides with height restrictions of 1.50m ('The Mad Mill', the Bobsleigh run), but plenty of others with a more generous restriction of 1.20m. The best rides are:

  • The chair-planes, which go really high, and threaten to soak you with water jets.

  • The roller-coaster, which is good for all ages, and goes round three times.

  • Splash, a fantastic water boat which is guaranteed to get you wet. There is a closed boat option, but the queues are longer.

  • The Nautic Swings, where the rider sits in a boat which is pulled backwards up a slope by a cable, before being released to splash into the water, and are recommended, though they need a 50 cent piece to be operated.

The Waterpark

The indoor water pool (Tikkibad) has a superb selection of waterslides, ranging from short almost vertical drops to much higher and longer ones, which end with the slider being swirled around in a large bowl. Children tend to refer to this type of slide as a 'toilet flush'. There is a wave machine pool, and a more relaxing river ride. There are plenty of plastic deckchairs around for non-active members of the party to lounge around on.


There is a range of options for staying at Duinrell, from bringing your own caravan or tent, to hiring a bungalow. All of these include access to the park and Tikkibad, with some restriction on times. The bungalows are situated amongst trees and plants, and have cooking facilities, a fridge, and television.

What to Bring?

There is a supermarket on the complex open from 8am to 8pm, which stocks most necessities, but it is handy to have:

  • Milk
  • Teabags or small jar of instant coffee
  • Washing up liquid
  • A roll (or two) of toilet paper
  • Wetwipes


There are a number of good cheap eating places in and around the campsite, including a great pancake house at the main entrance. There is also an Irish pub on the complex. The supermarket sells alcohol, and the bungalows are equipped with a corkscrew.

Location and Contact Details

The park is located on the A44, on the Amsterdam side of the Hague. Duinrell is well sign posted from the Hague, but navigating in the Netherlands is particularly difficult because every direction looks the same - flat.

The address is: Duinrell 1, 2242 JP Wassenaar.

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