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Binning is a strange phenomenon which developed in the Secondary Modern1 schools of the United Kingdom during the early 1980s. It is still unknown in some quarters of society but is remembered with fondness by the perpetrators and with horror by its victims.

It involved taking the smallest child in a class and inserting him, bum first, into the classroom bin. This resulted in the child sinking to his/her armpits and knees and is therefore unable to escape without assistance. This child is then considered 'Binned'.

A 'Total Binning' would occur when the strongest pupils in the class then lifted the pupil, and attached bin, onto the teacher's desk. The irony of this torture was that the teacher would then punish the pupil in the bin further adding to the humiliation of the 'Binnee' and to the amusement of the 'Binners'.

1Secondary Modern schools, for Americans and Middle Classes are a step into integrating working class louts into education by calling a spade a manual excavation facilitator. Secondary Modern essentially means 'Big School, built recently, for louts'.

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