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Captain Scarlet (voiced by Francis Matthews)

Real name Paul Metcalfe, born 17 December, 2036, was a student in Winchester University, gaining degrees in Technology, History and Mathematics. He then went to Westpoint - the famous American Military Academy. After his time in the World Army Air Force (WAAF), Scarlet joined Spectrum in 2066, where he gained his codename.

Captain Blue (Ed Bishop)

Adam Svenson, the cool blonde Bostonian was born on 26 August, 2035, the son of a wealthy businessman. He attended Harvard University, before joining the World Aeronautic Society and then on to Spectrum. Blue is Scarlet's best friend and he has a soft spot for Symphony Angel.

Lieutenant Green (Cy Grant)

The Cloudbase Headquarters of Spectrum is controlled by Seymour Griffiths - known as Green. He was born in Trinidad on 18 January, 2041. Green has degrees in Music, Telecommunications and Electrical Engineering. Green worked for the World Aquanaut Security Patrol in Marineville before he joined Spectrum. A willing Spectrum member, he often jumps to help out in the line of duty.

Colonel White (Donald Grey)

Colonel White - real name Charles Gray - was born on 14 July, 2017 and is head of Spectrum on Cloudbase. He has a strong devotion for his work and gives little time to relaxation. He is a no-nonsense leader and disapproves of some of his agents' less conventional methods.

Captain Black (Jeremy Wilkin/Donald Grey)

Captain Black, the man responsible for starting the 'War of Nerves' between Earth and Mars - and now an agent of The Mysterons - was born Conrad Turner on 17 March, 2029, in Manchester, England. Black saw active service in the WAAF, but was disfigured by a bomb explosion. His face was reconstructed and he then transferred to the World Space Patrol where he commanded Fireball XL3. Black eventually transferred to Spectrum but after the incident on Mars he was reported as missing, presumed dead. Only later was it discovered that he was now under the control of the Mysterons, a dark figure, lurking in shadows, waiting to get revenge for his new masters.

Captain Ochre (Jeremy Wilkin)

Real name Richard Fraser, Ochre was born on 23 February, 2035. Turned down by the WAAF for his lack of qualifications, Ochre joined the World Police Corps and learned to fly in his spare time. Ochre drives the Spectrum VIP transporter.

Captain Grey (Paul Maxwell)

The oldest of the Spectrum agents, Captain Grey (real name Bradley Holden) was born on 4 March, 2033. He trained in the World Navy, then acted as Security Commander in the newly formed World Aquanaut Security Patrol1 (WASP) and then joined Spectrum.

Captain Magenta (Gary Files)

Born Patrick Donaghue on 20 May, 2034, in Dublin, Ireland, before emigrating to New York, Magenta is a graduate of Yale University. Magenta has degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Although he has a criminal background, Spectrum believes he is a worthwhile addition to their team, due to his strength of character.

Doctor Fawn (Charles Tingwell)

Chief Medical Officer on Cloudbase, Doctor Fawn - real name Edward Wilkie - is a team member much-needed in looking after Captain Scarlet, because although Scarlet cannot be killed, he can be injured. Wilkie was born in Yalumba, Australia on 10 July, 2031.

Rhapsody Angel (Elizabeth Morgan)

Born Dianne Simms in Chelsea, London, on 20 April, 2043. Rhapsody gained degrees in Law and Sociology in London University.

Symphony Angel (Janna Hill)

Karen Wainwright, born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on 6 January, 2042. She attended Yale University before graduating early and being recruited by Spectrum.

Destiny Angel (Elizabeth Morgan)

Juliette Pointon, born 23 August, 2040, in Paris. After finishing her education in Rome, she joined the WAAF, and then Spectrum.

Harmony Angel (Lian-Shin)

Chan Kwan was born to Chinese parents in Tokyo, on 19 June, 2042. She has degrees in Physics and Aerodynamics, and ran her father's Air Taxi firm before joining Spectrum.

Melody Angel (Sylvia Anderson)

Magnolia Jones, from the deep South, was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 10 January, 2043. She joined Spectrum from the WAAF.

Other character voices were supplied by Shane Rimmer, David Healy and Martin King.



The headquarters of Spectrum and flying aircraft carrier, which hovers in the stratosphere. Cloudbase floats 7 miles above sea level. It is on duty 24 hours a day and has a crew of 600. Cloudbase is solar-powered and utilises this energy to power the 4 hover engines that keep it afloat. Cloudbase has a control room which houses Colonel White's computer desk. The next room is Spectrum Information Centre. Then on other levels there are the Observation Room, Conference Room, Sick Bay and Amber Room - home to the Angels.

Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle

The SPV was an unusual high-speed pursuit vehicle that was driven 'backwards' - ie, the driver faced in the opposite direction to that of the vehicle by using a reversed-image monitor. This was an innovative safety procedure in the event of a crash. SPVs are hidden in secret locations around the globe and can be called on at a moment's notice if required.

  • Speed - 200mph
  • Length - 7.62 metres
  • Brakes - Magnetic Disc Reverse Thrust
  • Steering - Cylindrical Hydropneumatic

Spectrum Patrol Car

The standard vehicle for Spectrum agents on patrol.

  • Speed - 150mph
  • Length - 5.5 metres
  • Bodywork - Fleetonium
  • Brakes - Electromagnetic Reverse Thrust

MSV - Maximum Security Vehicle

A large grey vehicle. It has a built in life-support system, bullet-proof twin wheels (like FAB1) and its body is made from two layers: steel inside and armour plate outside. Between these layers is an alloy that fights radiation. Its portholes are made of Boro-Silicate, a substance that can withstand bullets and radiation.

VIPC - Very Important Personnel Carrier

In appearance, this vehicle looks like an ordinary petrol tanker, but this is just a disguise. It has a bomb-proof cabin. The rest of it - the tank - is not so indestructible. It is normally driven by Captain Ochre.

Angel Interceptor

Like a wing-mounted dart, these are hypersonic jets piloted by the skillful Angels.
  • Speed - 3000mph
  • Length - 18.18 metres
  • Wingspan - 10.66 metres
  • Weight - 18,189 kilos

Spectrum Helicopters

Based at Maximum Security Centres, these helicopters are used mainly for transporting Spectrum personnel, but they also have a 20mm cannon. They can land in any condition due to their Maylon skids, which allow them to land on sea or land. They are capable of a speed of 302 miles per hour. They have twin-turbo jets, so they can get up to Cloudbase.

SPJ-Spectrum Passenger Jet

This jet is the main way to get to and from Cloudbase. Designed by Universal Aerospace, it has a range of 12,000 miles. If all goes well the SPJ flies off and the pilot signals SIG. If something is wrong then it's SIR - Spectrum is Red!

Other Entries in the Series

1The organisation that featured in Anderson's earlier series, Stingray.

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