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How to Dance to 'Saturday Night' by Whigfield

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'Saturday Night' by Whigfield1 is one of those magical cheesy songs that, although they aren't usually that great musically, are almost guaranteed to get people up on the dance floor performing the moves that go with the song.

Legend has it that the dance to this song was created as an aerobic exercise routine that was taught at a holiday resort in some sunny clime or another, the people who had learnt the routine performed it when they next went to a disco that was playing the song and it kind of caught on, the effect of which was to thrust what in itself is not a great song to the top of charts around Europe.

There are a number of steps in the dance (which is a variation on the routine performed to 'Apache' or 'The Locomotion' in the 1960s) and they go something like this:

  1. When the music starts move your legs to the rhythm and clap your hands in the air.

  2. When the lyrics kick in, move your arms to the right then the left in a wave-like motion.

  3. Put your left leg forward and with your arms pointing upwards rest your right elbow on the palm of left hand and move your right arm round and round, repeat the same with your right leg forward and your left elbow in your right palm.

  4. With both forearms horizontal, roll your forearms around each other with your bum (butt) stuck out; repeat the arm motion again but you hips thrust forward.

  5. Slightly flex your knees then put your right hand just above your right knee, then your left hand just above your left knee.

  6. Then put your right hand on your right buttock then your left hand on your left buttock.

  7. With your hands still on your bum, jump forward and then back.

  8. Jump a quarter of a turn clockwise.

  9. Clap your hands high and then start all over again!

1Whigfield is the stage-name of Sannie Charlotte Carlson, a Danish-born Europop star who topped the charts in Spain in 1994 and across Europe in 1995 with her debut single 'Saturday Night'.

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