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Happy New Year!

The closing date for this project is the end of January. If you are writing an entry, and it is completed by then, then we will include it in the Project, and if it ain't, then I guess we cain't.

The Italics will review all the entries for inflamability, so I am not the final arbiter of what will and won't get into the guide.

Jimster has put in a quick Editorial Critique of the entries - please check it for comments.

So - some of the entries are still glimmers in their author's eye which I want to include. Go on. Write it! You know you want to!

Official bit starts here...

    Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Project Name: The structure and function of belief - (this is subject to change, if anyone can come up with a snappier title)
  • Field Researcher: a girl called Ben
  • Department: Religion
  • Faculty: Social Sciences
  • Start Date: 19 October 2002
  • End Date: 31st January 2003
  • Assisting Sub-Editor: GTBacchus
  • Thread in the Admissions Office: Project: The Structure and Function of Belief

Project Description

Ready for review:
  • Defining terms of Belief - Author: Pattern-chaser (Thread in Writing Workshop)
  • A Critique of Belief - Author: GTBacchus (Now who is going to sub this one, then?)

  • Neurotheology - Is God in our Heads? - Author: Ste
  • The Evolutionary Advantages of Faith - Authors: Ste and a girl called Ben (Work in progress)
  • The biological basis of belief - Author:
    Noggin the Nog (Thread in Writing Workshop).

  • Why do we have beliefs? -
    Author: Wotchit (Thread in Writing Workshop).
  • Why are beliefs held so dearly? - Author: a girl called Ben (Thread in Writing Workshop).
  • The Stages of Belief - Author: a girl called Ben (Thread in Writing Workshop).

  • Will the Social Sciences sell its soul or lose its balls? - Author:
    My Evil Twin, Beryl (Thread in Writing Workshop).
  • Science as Religion - Author: Pattern-chaser (Thread in Writing Workshop)

  • Joining and Leaving a Minority Religion - Author: Z (Thread in Writing Workshop)
  • Why Someone Might Choose Neo-Paganism Over Mainstream Religion - Author - MaW (Thread in Writing Workshop).
  • On Medieval Heresy - Author:
    Montana Redhead (Thread in Writing Workshop)

  • The percieved dichotomy between sexuality and spirituality - Author:
    Alji (Thread in Writing Workshop)
  • Works in progress:

    Subjects under discussion:

    Project Motto - 'tread on no toes'

    Subjects I would like to include:

    Anything about belief, rather than beliefs really. But the following are up for grabs:

    • A comparison of atheistic or polytheistic religions with monotheistic ones
    • The Orthodoxy of Political Correctness
    • Religion and Money
    • The similarities and differences between religious churches and political parties

    It would be particularly good to have perspectives on beliefs from outside the judeo-christian-islamic monotheistic traditions, so if anyone has something to contribute from Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Sikhism, Shamanism or Taoism or please let me know.

    Contributing Researchers

    Further Information Required

    This project is intended to be about belief, rather than about beliefs. The difference is that belief is a behaviour, or a mode of thought, and is separate from its content. For example, many people note that fundamentalists of all religions have more in common with each other, than with their co-religionists. That is the sort of thing this project is intended to look at.

    There are a couple of guide entries I have already written which cannot be included in this project, but which show you the sort of thing that I mean. Money and the power of belief and Affirmation and prayer - a common process.

    If you would like to join in, please do so.

    If you have further information that you think might be useful in this project, please post it in the conversations below, or contact the Field Researcher running this project (see above).

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