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Basics of Rolling Naked in the Snow

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A woman rolling naked in the snow

Rolling naked in the snow feels good. Surprising and hard to believe, yes, but it's true. Normally, rolling is done in conjunction with having a sauna or a swim in a heated outdoor pool, as moving from the heat to the cold really gets your blood pumping. The same bracing effect can be achieved with outdoor winter swimming, but rolling has the advantage of not needing holes to be hacked through thick sheets of ice.

The Snow

The best snow for rolling is the stuff that's dry, soft, light and powdery. This type tingles nicely as it melts on the skin. The wet, mushy type of snow will also do, however, and gives the possibility of additional fun by having, for example, a naked snowball fight. Rolling in snow that has a breakable crust on top of it, or which has a layer just below the surface, is not recommended. Rolling in this type of snow is likely to lead to scratches (in vulnerable parts, too) which can then start bleeding, which isn't much fun. An unbreakable crust presents a different problem; it is more like rolling on ice, and not a very pleasant experience either.

It is hard to say when the snow is deep enough for rolling and when it isn't. Factors to be considered are:

  • Snow type
  • Weight of roller
  • Style of roller
  • Experience of roller
  • What's underneath the snow
  • Amount of alcohol consumed

One metre (3.3ft) of snow, under most conditions, is sufficient. And in favourable conditions even 50 cm (20ins) gives you good possibilities for rolling.

The Rolling

Rolling can be done in any way. However, serious rollers tend to develop their own personal ritual. Some people prefer sloping areas where it is possible to really gather momentum. Others take a more cautious approach and sit or lie down in the snow and throw it on themselves (and others nearby). This is actually the best technique when there is only a thin covering of snow. A stylistic point: high-pitched squeaky voices should be avoided while rolling. Macho style low growls help to give the impression of experienced snow roller.

Health Considerations

But thrashing about naked in a snow drift isn't all fun: a sudden change from one extreme temperature to the another can cause a heart attack. So people with heart problems shouldn't get involved in this activity. Large amounts of alcohol also increase the risks. However, regular rollers do develop a higher resistance to flu and other similar illnesses. As ever, common sense should be applied in how long to stay in the snow. There is really no point in trying to outlast friends if you can't feel your toes anymore.

Having Sex While Rolling in Snow

Yes, well, someone was bound to try it. If you're planning to have sex outdoors while rolling naked in snow you should be well prepared. There is not too much time for foreplay since snow and coldness in general tend to have extremely negative influence on the male ability to perform. If you and your partner like a walk on the wild (and cold) side now and again, it's worth a go, but don't be disappointed if it doesn't work out - you probably have a perfectly good centrally-heated house as a back up.

The Future of Rolling Naked in the Snow

There are two major threats: greenhouse gases and urbanisation. The greenhouse effect has already shortened the season in which favourable snow conditions prevail. Urbanization causes different kinds of problems: as more and more people live in smaller and smaller areas, possibilities for this space-consuming activity diminish rapidly. You don't need that much space for the rolling itself, but most people prefer some privacy. After all, you can't expect your neighbour to be delighted by the sight of naked people rolling in the snow while they have their parents round for tea.

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