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The zeedonk is the loving offspring that results when a donkey and a zebra engage in the act of physical love. They are also sometimes referred to as zonks, zonkeys or zebrasses.

Oh I See...

Yes, indeed. There are several examples of this magnificent, proud creature in existence around the world today, seemingly defying those that would doubt the existence of such an animal. Indeed, in some cases they are quite positively thriving, as at Colchester Zoo, where three zeedonks exist as a result of a number of run-ins between a Chapman's zebra and a black ass.

Where Can I See One?

Well it's actually quite difficult for a zebra and a donkey to create a zeedonk. The donkey has 62 chromosomes, while a zebra only has a mere 44. Things in nature for some reason do not really enjoy being born when their parents have this sort of obstacle in the way (to be fair, though, it's often tough enough when parents have the same number of chromosomes) and therefore zeedonks are still a very rare occurrence. It is always the donkey that is the mother of the creature. Sadly the zeedonk is a sterile animal and incapable of reproduction. Having said that, it must be pointed out at this juncture that although a mule (the offspring of a donkey and a horse) is also considered a sterile creature, there have been instances of mules having given birth. This is particularly odd as the mule has 63 chromosomes, a number that cannot evenly be divided into chromosome pairs and should theoretically mean they cannot reproduce. Maybe this means that one day a zeedonk will be able to have their very own zeedonk foal.

Is There Anything Else in Nature Like This?

Other amazing cross breeds do exist, although perhaps nothing that can quite supersede the majesty of the zeedonk. Such combinations include tigons/ligers  (a tiger and a lion), wholphins (a killer whale and a dolphin) and also a cama (a camel and a llama).

Wait a Moment! Doesn't this Mean there Isn't a God?!?

Some people have been concerned that the existence of the zeedonk may actually contradict Genesis, chapter 1 in the Bible. When discussing the creation of creatures, one of the things emphasised in Genesis is that a creature reproduces 'after their kind', a phrase repeated ten times. Does the presence of the zeedonk, the result of a zebra and a donkey, contradict the statement that animals were created to reproduce 'after their kind'? Don't worry too much though, it would seem that because a zebra and a donkey are able to produce a fertilised egg, it can be argued that they are of the same 'kind' of animal. Although the zeedonk is an extremely profound creature, it is perhaps a little bit extreme to regard it as irrefutable proof of the non-existence of God.

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  • For examples of a zeedonk, zorse, liger and even a wholphin click here.

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