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Attracting Love With Spells and Charms

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A person surrounded by love-hearts.
As the nectar draws the bee, bring my one true love to me!

Love; that which many of us at some time seek. Does it make the world go round? Perhaps, but as long as there is love to be had, there will be those who seek to influence its effects and attract it to their lives. For those whose belief systems include the use of magic and charms, such as Wiccans, there are many ways to attract, foresee and keep love, a small selection of which is outlined below.

An Apple a Day

Of all fruits and foods, the one witches most connect with love is the common apple. It has long been hailed as a fruit of life and knowledge and was sacred to Pagans long before the Old Testament cast it in a central role in the garden of Eden. When cut in half horizontally, a pentagram1 can be seen inside. Apples have their own goddess - Pomona - and are associated with Freya, Hera and especially Aphrodite.

So what to do with an apple? An ancient Greek custom was to simply toss one into the lap of your intended mate. If the person welcomed the fruit and took a bite (even better if they then offered you the second), your feelings were returned and it was time to go for it! If on the other hand the recipient seemed uncomfortable or sought to dispose of the fruit, it was time to find a new object of lust, or a stronger spell!

Although the origin is not clear, another custom is to peel an apple in one long strip, if possible, and let the peel fall into a bowl of water while thinking of your lover coming to you. The peel will allegedly form the initial of your future lover. This is believed best performed at Halloween when magic is said to be most potent.

Other customs include wishing on an apple and leaving it in the light of the moon or eating an apple in front of a mirror at midnight. Apples feature strongly in fairytales and fables too, with their supposed seductive quality sometimes used for harm instead of good, as in the case of Snow White but she still got her Prince in the end! Other foods and herbs/spices associated with love and love spells are the lime cinnamon, and of course oysters! It is, however, possible to use any food to make a love gift if it is blessed as you would a talisman or charm.

Candle Candle Burning Bright

Candle magic is a great form of spell casting as it is fairly easy and considered to be very effective. There are many spells to do with love, the following is an example.

For the simplest of love spells all you need is a pink candle. With a clear mind focus on your intent: a lover for you to come at the right time. Burn the candle and make your wish! If you choose to be more elaborate you can write your spell on a piece of paper and burn it, using two candles, one each for you and your dream partner: perhaps with things such as star sign added, or adding rose oil or petals to the paper or candle. You may also wish to call upon an appropriate deity - Eros or Venus, say - to bless and witness the spell.

Any spell should always be cast with pure intent and preferably closed with 'For the good of all, so mote it be' or words to that effect. This is to ensure that nobody is harmed and if the spell is not for the good of all concerned, it will not work.

It is possible to use the same, or similar spells as the one outlined above in order to repel the attentions of an unwanted lover. Just reverse your words as necessary: Or perhaps it may be kinder to will them a more suitable lover.

Talismans, Potions etc

Blessing2 a piece of rose quartz or amethyst and placing it by your bedside is believed to bring wonderful luck in love. Other items, almost anything you wish, can be turned into a talisman or charm to carry with you. Simply pass the item through a candle flame stating your intent for it and asking for your gods' blessings. Flowers, particularly roses, make excellent gifts to charm.

Rose water is often used as a base in love potions and modern-day perfumes, as is juniper, though the simplest love magic of all involves focusing on yourself! Before an evening out, take a nice leisurely candlelit bath and luxuriate in aromatic oils - whatever makes you feel good. As you lie in the water imagine you are soaking its beauty through your pores as a pink light. Tell yourself you are worthy of love: put on your best clothes, check out that goddess in the mirror and go and knock them dead! It is a wise saying that no one can love you until you love yourself.

Poppets are small pieces of cloth sewn together to form a doll-like figure and filled with the ingredients of your choice. For a love spell you may fill your poppet with rose petals and apple pips or something else you associate with love. The poppet can then be decorated to resemble, however vaguely, the type of person you wish to attract.

Keeping Love Alive

A very nice way to pledge your love to each other and enrich your relationship is outlined here. With your partner, buy a small gift for each other and on a Friday3 sit quietly together thinking on your relationship. Pour a glass of wine and offer it to Aphrodite; in her name drink from it, each in turn asking her blessings and for your love to flourish. Give each other the gifts, making your pledges as you do so. The wine may be finished or taken outside and returned to the ground as thanks.

A Final Word

Magic should always be used responsibly. Please never try to influence another person's free will and most importantly, be safe, especially with candles.

If you are experimenting with aphrodisiacs please also be careful. The famous 'Spanish Fly' irritates the urinary tract causing an erection in males but can have serious side affects. The same goes for rhino horn, though the side effects may be more serious for the poor endangered rhino. Magic should be used to enhance life, never to harm it. Blessed Be!

1The five-pointed star used by witches to signify the elements.2Asking the blessing and love of your deity of choice.3Friday is associated with Aphrodite/Venus and all matters connected with love and romance.

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