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'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' - the Experience

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not just a movie. It is an experience. At what other movie or show is yelling, dancing, and throwing rice not only allowed, but encouraged? Of course, this movie isn't for everyone. Those intoxicated, easily offended, narrow-minded, or with heart problems would not necessarily enjoy the film.

The best shows of the movie use a live cast1 that performs in front of the movie screen. Audience participation is encouraged, from throwing props to yelling back at the screen. It's all part of the show.

There are a few things you need to bring with you to participate fully in various scenes of the movie when you go to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show, although only one is mandatory:

  • Rice for 'somebody's getting married'.

  • Bic lighters for 'so when you go out, so does the fire'.

  • Playing cards for 'sorrow and pain'.

  • Toilet paper for 'Great Scott!'

  • Squirt guns for 'it's raining, it's pouring'.

  • Newspaper for protection from the squirt guns.

  • Hot dogs for 'Frank N Furter'.

  • Noise makers for 'Party'.

  • Confetti for 'Go Franky'.

  • Party hats for 'Happy Birthday, Rocky'.

  • Flash lights for 'there's a light'.

  • Toast for 'to absent friends'.

  • Bells for 'when we made it...'.

  • Gloves for 'Ouch... that hurt'.

  • And lastly, a positive attitude. This is the only one that is mandatory.

Rules are subject to change, so check with your local theatre for their 'house' rules. Audience members often come dressed as their favourite characters or, sometimes, in sexy lingerie. For the most part, anything, or almost nothing, goes!

Casts also have theme nights. Examples include Star Wars night, an evening with Austin Powers, Pimp & Ho night or Pyjama Jammie Jam. Halloween is always a big turn out for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so if you plan on going, get to the theatre early.

During various times casts recruit for new members. So if you like what you see and you think you got what it takes2, talk to the cast after the show and get ready to have your weekends fully booked.

Not only do fans flock to the movie every Friday and Saturday night, but there are Rocky Horror events. One such event, the Rocky Horror Picture Show Convention brings together casts from around the country. Participants perform, meet each other, have costume contests, but most of all they party!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is something that every one should go see at least once. The movie is rated R but most theatres tend to let people slip by.

1Such as Under Sedation, Apple Pie, The Bawdy Caste, Barely Legal, Frank's Virgin Ears, The Zen Room, Midnight Insanity or Voyeuristic Intentions to name a few.2Which really isn't much.

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