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Dirty Piscitelli

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Dirty Piscitelli, pronounced pis-ke-telly, is any alcoholic drink that is made by the late-comers at wild parties and is usually made from the drips, drops, and dregs of whatever liquids still remain after the preceding crowd has descended on the alcohol supply. It has a minimum of three ingredients, with at least one of those being alcoholic. Due to the mixture of many different alcohols, it should be sipped.

Originally, the drink was made from Cinnamon Schnaaps, Jack Daniels, and 7-Up, seeing as these were the remaining dregs from yet another party. Legend has it that the first person to ever try the drink responded, 'That's dirty, Piscitelli!' Piscitelli, the drink mixer, thought that the name was appropriate after trying the drink himself.

Rules and Recommendations

Whoever mixes the Dirty Piscitelli should not be the first to test it. It should be tried by another, preferably someone who has already put away a few drinks themselves. The unwitting subject will most likely give you a more honest opinion of your concoction, unless they are so far gone as to have trouble remembering their own name. If this is the case, multiple tasters is the answer - there'll be many willing volunteers if it's a truly wild party and the alcohol supply is low.

If you're keen on telling jokes or stories, or performing magic tricks at wild parties, this is the perfect drink. It'll loosen you up and repress a bit of stage-fright.

Only drink one Dirty Piscitelli per party and drink slowly unless you can really hold your liquor.

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