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Russian Crazy Sevens - the Card Game

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'Russian Crazy Sevens', despite what its name may imply, is a wholesome American card game. The game originated in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1998 and is loosely based on the classic games 'Crazy Eights' and 'Uno', but it's substantially different.

The objective of the game is to dispense of all of your cards. The first player to do so is the winner.


The game can be played with two or more. Each player is dealt seven cards. The remainder of the deck becomes the draw pile and is placed face down. The first card of the draw pile is dealt into the discard pile and placed face up. Play initially proceeds clockwise.

Turn Procedure

Each player's turn consists of placing a card from their hand on the discard pile. They may only place a card that is:

  • Of the same suit
  • Having the same number
  • A seven

If a player is unable to place a card on the pile, he/she draws a card and skips the remainder of their turn.

Draw Cards

  • Ace - If an ace is played, the next player has to draw a card and skip their turn.

  • Two - If a two is played, the next player draws two cards and skips their turn.

  • Three - If a three is played, the next player draws three cards and skips their turn.

  • Four - If a four is played, the next player skips their turn.


Whenever a draw card is played (one to three), the player who will be affected by it has an option. If they have another card of the same value as the card played(eg., a two for a two) they may play it. The next player in the sequence then has the same option, or is forced to draw twice the initial value.


Player A plays a two of spades. Player B responds by playing the two of clubs. Player C, who is tragically two-less, must draw four cards and skip the turn.

Another Example

Player A plays the two of spades, B plays the two of clubs, and C plays the two of diamonds. Player D is forced to draw six cards and skip the turn.

This rule may also be used with fours, but the player who is the final target of a chain of fours is only forced to miss one turn.

Wild Cards

Sevens are wild. If a seven is played, the first player to call out a suit, even if they didn't play the seven, determines the suit of the seven. Sevens may also be played on any card, regardless of suit or value.

More Rules

If a player has one card, they are required to call out 'One Card!'. If they don't and another player calls them on it, they are forced to draw seven additional cards.

If any player draws the last card of the deck, the discard pile is reshuffled into the draw pile to form a new deck. The top card is preserved from before the shuffle. That player then draws the remainder of the cards that they were required to draw, in addition to a seven-card penalty for drawing the last card.

The Jacks rule is an optional rule of the game. Reverse the order of play when one is placed in the discard pile.


That's how to play. Multiple-deck games are possible as a variation, but tend to run for hours. Have fun!

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