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Posted: 17th January 2022

Wherever We Go, There We Are
(Even if we have no idea where that is)

Extremely impressive photo of something by one of FWR's kids. If I ask him what it is he'll just make fun of me. And he says I'M grumpy.

No, I don't know where or what that is. Nor do I know whether it's in Liverpool or not. When I asked FWR for some photos, he dug up nine of them and said (I quote), 'Here's some photos I wish I'd taken (instead of my kids!)' Which confused me. It turned out the kids took the pictures. He also said I should guess which one was taken in Liverpool.

I have no clue. So I'm passing it over to you. Guess where these pictures are from, and we'll let FWR tell us who's right. In revenge, I've compiled a wall of Pittsburgh photos for you to guess at, too. Then there are birds to count and a picture to figure out. All in all, it's a puzzling issue.

And that's before you get to the other bird in the tree. It's a budgie and the tree is indoors.

And my rambling shaggy-dog story about the time the kids ghost-directed the school play. Definitely a disappointment turned triumph. One for the Create challenge books. Have you got a yarn or anecdote to share with us? Send it along.

And then there are the fantastic photos from all over. Milla's been to Gran Canaria. Solnushka's been busy in snowy Moscow. The animals in the zoo have Christmas trees. Kitties and a doggy have been interesting places, as well.

We've got news from the past and news from the cinema and jokes galore. Bluebottle's got a side story going for the next few weeks (in case you hadn't noticed). It will keep you in stitches.

Have a good week, and remember: Send more Stuff! It keeps the Post Editor from getting into mindless feuds with photographers.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Antlered Wonder

Praemegaceros solilhacus by Willem.


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Edale River Valley

Edale River Valley, by Galaxy Babe's daughter.


Gran Canaria
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