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Posted: 15th April 2024

This week's title is A Reader's Paradise. Clockwise from upper left: A bookshelf showing books including some published by h2g2, TJ the orange-and-white kitty looking wise while sitting on a shelf, a gleaming pheasant in the grass, a grey-and-white lizard on rocks, violets, a fancy red tulip, a deep purple hyacinth, very blue skies with white-and-black clouds, a black swan swimming majestically on a pond, and two smallish bullocks looking curiously across the fence at a friendly border collie.

Well, we survived the eclipse. What did it look like? I couldn't tell you. We had 98%, but it being western Pennsylvania, of course an opportunistic cloudbank rolled in and covered near-totality. So all I got was cold – the temperature dropped suddenly. Also, I listened to a lot of birds complaining about what in the world was going on, and it wasn't evening yet, and didn't whoever was in charge of these things have a watch, and I want to talk to the manager. NASA had a better vantage point, so I'm showing you their amazing photo and a video what I made of Hooverville totally ignoring the eclipse. That's sidereal events taken care of. Another dud apocalypse.

In this issue, we move on to more interesting things. Tavaron's garden is amazing. There's a flower show. All I've got to offer is a couple of early daffodils. More should be coming. It's finally warming up around here after the eclipse.

Tavaron and Paigetheoracle also show you some of the less pleasant effects of weather. Scotland went from sun to hail in one local shopping trip, while Austrians are complaining about all the dust the Sahara appears to be more than willing to share with Europe.

There are birds, lots of them, and almost all of them are real. There are cows and a quiz critter. TJ makes an appearance as Obligatory Cat of the Week. There is cinema and humour.

And oh, there is reading for you to do: Bluebottle continues to amaze with thrills mixed with erudition, FWR's dream life has thrown up yet another tale to ponder, and I have an extensive report on my latest duel with an AI chatbot. The novellas are moving along nicely. Whether you'd like to eavesdrop on some passive-aggressive space colonists, wonder where Nebraska has got to, bite your nails over the Ripper saga, follow the musical careers of some Dutch kids, or just watch Demetrius invent GPS airmail, we've got you covered. Go and read.

Leave nice comments, please. It only takes a moment and the writers are pathetically grateful. Send me more Stuff. And enjoy spring (or fall) wherever you are.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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