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In Dutch there are two translations for the word 'you':

  • jij/jou - an informal form (masculine and feminine respectively)
  • u - the formal version.

You can pick which one you want to use.

Key Phrases

English Sentence:Dutch Sentence:
Yes, pleaseJa graag
No, thank youNee, dank u/jij
Sorry! Sorry!
You're welcome Graag gedaan
I don't understand (it/you/that) Ik begrijp (het/u/jij/dat) niet

Meeting people:

English Sentence:Dutch Sentence:
Hello/goodbye Hallo/dag
How are you Hoe gaat het
Fine, thank you Goed, dank u/jij
See you later Tot ziens

Asking questions:

English Sentence:Dutch Sentence:
Do you speak English? Spreekt u/Spreek jij Engels?
What's your name? Hoe heet u/jij?
Where are you from? Waar komt u/kom jij vandaan?
How much is it? Hoeveel is het?
How far is it? Hoe ver is het?

Statements about yourself:

English Sentence:Dutch Sentence:
My name is... Ik heet ...
I'm English Ik ben Engels
I don't speak English/Dutch Ik spreek geen Engels/Nederlands
I live in... Ik woon in...


English Sentence:Dutch Sentence:
Can you help me, please? Kunt u/Kan jij mij alstublieft helpen?
I'm lost Ik ben de weg kwijt
Call an ambulance! Bel een ziekenauto!
Watch out! Kijk uit!

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